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Proverbs 3:6


“Seek His will in all you do, and he will show you which path to take”

“Since 2000, our teams’ involvement in multiple disciplines of the Built Environment equipped us with professional knowledge, experience, and skill to assure the success of dreams and projects being fulfilled, timeous and cost effective, within the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.  


Further, our sincere belief being, knowledge and experience generously shared, reveals multiple opportunity and success, inspire us in our initiative in the mentor and internship of aspiring and disadvantaged candidates assisting them on their route to registration as professional quantity surveyors. “

BBBEE status and Mentorship Programme

The Practice is following an internal and external mentorship programme, as previously mentioned, in accordance with the guidelines of the South African Council for the Quantity Surveying Profession to further education and for upliftment of amongst others previous disadvantaged youth in the quantity surveying sector (also in construction) by their enrolment and registration as Candidate Quantity Surveyors for their eventual registration as Professional Quantity Surveyors.


The current BBBEE status as an EME of the Practice under section of Built Environment Professional (BEP), Practice is a level 4.  




Considering the above, OAQS Quantity Surveyors relates to a vast base of historical knowledge and experience in the Consulting as well as the Construction and Property finance and development sector which provides vision of project viability and risk assessments as early as or prior to the inception stage of a project.


We are also well acquainted with alternative successful solutions of construction and/or re-instatement of projects alternative procurement as Design and Construction, Multiple Procurement-Project management, Cost Plus, Negotiated, Turnkey with financing options or combinations hereof considering either time, value, and quality requirement or combination dependent on the scope and project category.  


Substantial services during involvement with insurance related costing and management of the re-construction of such projects were rendered, mostly for severe fire damaged structures of multimillion values.  Most of these projects were of a complicated nature with extreme programming skills required due to time constraints and deadlines for occupation.  All these constraints were managed successfully and ensured achievement of due milestones for the insurance broker and company with saving to insurance of costs due to possible loss of income, property owners overheads, etc.


Please contact us for amongst others, initial concept costing, quantity surveying services, cost engineering, construction or project management, contractual assistance or resolutions, development management, project finance gearing and procurement, property valuations, etc.


Our belief is that:

"Knowledge and experience generously shared, reveals multiple opportunity and success"


Sincere appreciation for your valuable time in scrutinizing our introduction. Trust this will further a professional relationship for current and future possibilities.

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